Pallet Console Table

I built this sleek console table made out of 3 strips of pallet wood. I also gave it a creative twist by cutting out three heart shaped cutouts and filled those with epoxy resin to give it an artistic flair. This I felt was upcycling at it’s best as every bit of the project was reused from old stuff.

Project Details

  • Indicative Price : £180
  • Resources Used : Pallet wood, table legs, epoxy resin, wood stain
  • Time Taken : 2 - 3 days
  • Tools : Drill, hammer, saw, sander, screwdriver, chisel
Anyone interested in getting one made or to learn more, please reach out to me at The heart shaped cutouts were challenging as it needs some woodworking expertise. Also, I have become an expert at using epoxy resin so please feel free to drop me a line and I would be glad to help you out.