iPhone Box frame

So it all started when my husband started moaning about me hoarding stuff and lecturing me on how I should be dumping things to de-clutter. He had been waiting to chuck the iPhone boxes from day 1 and I kept saying, we could use them to store bits and bobs but never got round to doing it. So, this week he gave me an ultimatum that either the boxes go out or you go out. Then I decided to take matters in my own hands, rolled up my sleeves and started working on it. When I started getting the boxes out of the drawer, I had already pictured what I would be doing. So, I laid it out on the bed in a symmetrical way and it looked pretty cool and doable.
I then arranged it in the design as seen in the pic. Glued them together using quick drying glue. Once they had come together, I used the staple gun to staple them together for added robustness to the whole structure. Once they were bound together as one nice object, I used Poundland spray cans to paint them black. I deliberately did not paint the back side to prove to my husband that those are indeed the iPhone boxes he was so keen to throw out.
Like I told him - “one man’s trash is another one’s treasure!!”

Project Details

  • Indicative Price : £30
  • Resources Used : iPhone box, paint, glue
  • Time Taken : 4 - 5 hrs
  • Tools : Staple gun
If you wish to learn more on how I made this iPhone box frame, please get in touch with me at renzy@renzycreatives.com. By the way, this was the project that fetched me tons of likes on Facebook and also prompted an online editor to reach out to me to do a story on all the upcycling work I have done.