Hexagonal Frames

All the candies consumed during the hot summer months gave way to these wonderful projects that I spent quite a few hours working on. The end result however was very satisfying and looks wonderful. By the way, these hexagonal frames in B&M are for £9.99 each.

Project Details

  • Indicative Price : £6
  • Resources Used : Popsicle sticks, glue, paint
  • Time Taken : 1 - 2 days
  • Tools : None
If you wish to get more information on how I built these hexagonal frames using candy sticks, please reach out to me at renzy@renzycreatives.com. The placement of the first few sticks in the beginning can be a bit tricky and requires some precision, which if not done carefully could later lead to issues and tears with your project :) I would be happy to guide or build it myself for you.