Breakfast Bar

This breakfast table was an interesting project we worked on by making use of an old unused wardrobe door. Due to space constraints in the kitchen, we could only fit in a wall attached slim breakfast table. Having seen some fancy ones at cafes and take away joints, we decided to make something similar.

Using some old furniture legs and three wall clamps, we made the table and attached it right under our bar. To boost the boring plain look of the wardrobe door, we used a fablon self adhesive sheet that gives it a granite look.

Project Details

  • Indicative Price : £125
  • Resources Used : Wardrobe door, table legs, wall brackets, Fablon
  • Time Taken : 1 - 2 days
  • Tools Required : Drill, Screwdriver, Spirit level
To get a similar project done for yourself, please get in touch with me at This project would require any old door or wood panel that could be cut to size and decorated with some sticky back fablon self adhesive paper. Any old stands can be used as the table legs or we could cut some wooden stands ourselves or take them out of some old unused furniture.